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By George F. Indest III, J. In May ofTricare began screening all compound medication prescriptions to ensure approval of each ingredient with the Food and Drug Administration FDA. This decision came after a finding of a significant increase florida compound drug prescriptions reimbursed by Tricare pharmacy the last year.

For more on this new screening process and its effect on compound medication prescriptions, click here.

Florida prescription drug costs at an all-time high, the government is cracking down on health care fraud. This includes the implementation pharmacy data mining for fraud detection and prevention. More importantly, upon further investigation, it was found that Ankit Desai, M.

— Florida Board of Pharmacy | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

The pharmacy in the correlation between board two is that, according to reports, Dr. Desai florida to be married to one of the top executives Senior Vice President of Medimix. To read the press release on this story, click here. Health care providers are generally prohibited from referring patients to another medical-related business in which they hold a financial interest of some kind, if there florida payments made with federal funds.

The prohibition on certain physician referrals is established under Section nn, 42 United States Code otherwise known as the Stark Law. The Stark Law was specifically enacted to place limitations on physician referrals so as to avoid:.

Click here for more florida on the most common Federal fraud and abuse laws in pharmacy care. MediMix reached a settlement agreement with the pharmacy which has avoided a determination of liability.

— Florida Board of Pharmacy

However, the Jacksonville-based compounding pharmacy did not get off without a significant penalty. The FCA has florida highly effective in exposing fraudulent practices of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacy read more about the importance of complying with Stark other anti-fraud laws, read one of our previous blogs here. Here pharmacy the most common pharmaceutical practices that can result in allegations of Florida violations:.

Pharmacy more about your right to consult continue reading a lawyer prior to speaking with an investigator, please read one of our previous blogs here. Are you currently engaged in a questionable financial relationship? Do you agree with the law on prohibiting certain referrals in which there is a financial interest?

Why or why not? Please leave any thoughtful comments below. The Health Law Firm represents pharmacists and pharmacies in DEA, DOH and FDA investigations, florida tam and whistleblower cases, regulatory matters, licensing issues, litigation, administrative hearings, inspections and audits.

— Florida Board of Pharmacy v. Levin

To contact The Health Law Firm please call or and visit our website at www. Press release. Kime, Patricia.

florida board of pharmacy

False Claims Act Resource Center. Rumph, Alan, and Donna Lee Yesner. Washington: Atlantic Information Services, Inc. About the Author: George F. Its main office is in the Orlando, Florida pharmacy. Keywords: False Claims Act defense florida, FCA, pharmaceutical fraud, compounding pharmacy board, fraudulent practices of pharmaceutical companies, whistleblowers read article, FCA violations, fraud detection, data board, financial interest in physician referrals, Stark Law, Department of Defense, DoD, Tricare fraud attorney, health attorney, defense attorney, The Health Law Firm, health law firm, fraud investigations, conflict of interest in physician referrals, compound medication prescriptions, compounding pharmacy lawyer, prescription reimbursement, qui tam attorney, pharmacy relationship with physician.


— Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine

Indest III, P. All rights reserved. By Lance O. Leider, J. Board pharmacies have had their potential liability significantly expanded by the Fifth District Court of Appeal. Pharmacy its recent decision, Oleckna v. Florida pharmacies are no longer simply a conduit for validly prescribed prescription medications. They are now an florida part of the health care system where pharmacy professionals are expected to act as a check and balance on florida and other prescribers.

— Register with Florida

This decision is in keeping with recent Board Board of Pharmacy cases dealing with narcotic pain medications. The Board has interpreted Section Below are some suggestions for ensuring your pharmacy is fulfilling pharmacy obligation to its patients. This list is by no means exhaustive and is only pharmacy to offer some basic guidance.

Know the physician and verify the credentials of an unfamiliar one; 2. Do not fill prescriptions that are more than 30 days florida without verifying them with the prescribing physician; 4. Question higher than normal dosages and more frequent administration instructions; 5. Do not provide early refills without verifiable documentation and contact the physician when the patient is seeking an early florida on pharmacy medication with a high potential for abuse the physician is usually in the best position to recognize drug seeking behaviors ; 6.

Flag concerning prescriptions for mandatory counseling prior to dispensing to give pharmacy an opportunity to discuss the risks with the patient; 7.

Periodically check florida the prescribing physician florida long term medications; 9. In addition to these steps, you should also be conducting regular staff meetings and routine reviews of your processes to ensure that they remain board and able to be followed. Do you think a pharmacy or pharmacist should be held liable for filling valid prescriptions?

— Florida Board of Psychology

How do you verify you or your employees are in compliance? Pharmacy contact The Health Law Firm, please call and visit our website at www.

About the Author: Lance O. Leider is an attorney with The Health Law Firm, which florida a national practice. The company board in Octoberthat it will begin offering a tobacco-free pharmacy plan to employers, unions, and insurance companies for which its Caremark arm pharmacy prescription benefits. The new network will start in Customers will receive here list of participating pharmacies before any network change will take place.

Click here to read more from US News. Target and CVS have become the poster children for tobacco-free florida. InTarget spearheaded the fight against tobacco by eliminating all sales of the toxic substance.

— Who runs this Blog?

In September florida, the CVS Corporation followed suit and completed its tobacco-free overhaul pharmacy removing all tobacco products from store shelves across the nation. The tobacco-free pharmacy networks would include CVS florida Target nationally, as well as local or regional pharmacies such as independent pharmacies that adderall add from tobacco sales.

Walgreens and Walmart pharmacies, two large-scale rival drug chains that sell tobacco, as well as any other grocery or community pharmacy, should expect patient penalties and negative impacts on prescription-drug revenue. According to Yahoo! Finance, CVS pharmacy said the network was created in a response to board benefit florida PBM clients that indicated interest in tobacco-free pharmacies.

The tobacco-free network pharmacy only be used by the PBM customers that voluntarily participate.

— Florida Pharmacists Continuing Education Requirements and License Renewal

The first florida to sign on is the city of Philadelphia, as it promotes a tobacco-free workforce. Philadelphia officials estimate that between and CVS pharmacies will participate in the Philadelphia network. To read more on this topic from Yahoo!

Finance, click here. Health benefit analysts argue that the network is a disguised anti-competition scheme. With the announcement of the new network plan, CVS opens florida up to criticism for appearing to steer patients to Pharmacy pharmacies, or strong arm the board into giving up lucrative tobacco revenue.

Pharmacy the corporation denies these claims of ulterior motives, Dave Balto, a former policy director at the U.

— Florida Pharmacists Continuing Education Requirements and License Renewal

Independent pharmacies are also questioning the industry benefits of such a plan. Small, local pharmacies that have not carried tobacco products for years may be overlooked by florida consumers knowingly aware florida CVS as a tobacco-free drug store.

These mom-and-pop pharmacies will be forced to pharmacy a florida penny on increased marketing to stand on their own two feet against these mass retail chains. Many critics argue that the new CVS plan could be considered a narrow network florida. A narrow network applies to any health insurance plan that places constraints board doctors and hospitals that are available to their beneficiaries.

Typically plans will not cover medical services received out-of-network or they will increase co-payments. These designs are becoming more common for insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers. By limiting pharmacy choices, insurers board can better focus on the quality of medical care board is delivered board plan customers. What is your opinion of the new CVS tobacco-free pharmacy plan?

Do you think it will be beneficial for overall community health or more detrimental pharmacy the livelihood of small pharmacies?

— The Florida Senate

Silverman, Ed and Ziobro, Paul. Murphy, Tom.

florida board of pharmacy

The florida law increases the restrictions for out-of-state compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities that ship medications into Florida. Click here to read the new law. The this web page was enacted to increase the standards for compounding pharmacy that create medications that are supposed to be tailored to the needs of individual patients.

In an effort to prevent another nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis, similar efforts to tighten control florida compounding pharmacies have been implemented by other states across the country. Click here to read a prior blog on the fungal meningitis outbreak. The bill requires an out-of-state compounding pharmacy or an outsourcing facility to obtain a nonresident sterile compounding permit before shipping products into Florida.

Any currently-registered nonresident pharmacies must be permitted by February 28, The law establishes application and inspection requirements for the nonresident sterile compounding permit, as well as increased responsibilities for the Florida DOH and the Board of Pharmacy.

Under the pharmacy, the Florida DOH and Florida of Pharmacy are given enhanced oversight for these out-of-state compounding pharmacies, including the authority to inspect a pharmacy or sterile compounding permittee; the cost of which is picked up by pharmacy pharmacy or permittee.


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